What does Multi Comfort building mean?

Transcript of Mike Chaldecott’s, from Saint-Gobain UK & Ireland, presentation…

…at the opening of the King’s School in Worcester – the UK’s first Multi Comfort building.

This is a great day for Saint-Gobain; we are very proud and pleased to be here. We are celebrating the first Multi Comfort building to be built in the UK.

We spend 90% of our time indoors, whether that is at home, at work, or in some cases in school as well, so it’s important that the environment that we have, whether it be at school, home or work is as nice and friendly and comfortable as possible.

When we talk about Multi Comfort and My Comfort, we’re talking about:

Thermal Comfort, so that’s the right temperature, not too hot, not too cold;

Audio Comfort, the acoustics in this building are fantastic, much better than any gym I had when I was at school;

Visual comfort, it’s appealing on the eye, the Glulam beams are just stunning in here;

Indoor Air Quality, kids that have asthma or breathing difficulties – how good is the indoor air quality?

Saint-Gobain employs 3,700 people, just in research and development, developing new products and processes, and that help us build up our experience in terms of building physics. We’re very keen of fabric first – there’s no point putting solar panels on the roof if you’ve got a leaking school, house or workplace. Make it high in energy efficiency so you’re not using the energy in the first place.

We’re also looking to expand our building physics more in terms of acoustics, air-quality, glazing and fire safety, all of these things that we need in a building to ensure comfort and wellbeing.

For innovation to work, one of the key things is that you have got to find out what the customer wants, there’s no point us, with our 3,700 people working in R&D, coming up with marvellous ideas and having no market or it missing the mark completely from what the customer, the teacher, the homeowner wants, so it’s very important that we design based on what the better experience is that the customers want, whether it’s in terms of learning, living or working, so this is key to focus on the end user’s experience.