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The reliability of the healthy building research conducted by Saint-Gobain

The reliability of the healthy building research conducted by Saint-Gobain

Saint-Gobain had a need to gain an understanding of homeowners and renters on their attitudes to their home, their health and wellbeing and to ascertain whether there is a link between their health and wellbeing and their indoor environment.

An independent research agency was commissioned to undertake a research survey amongst homeowners and renters. The agency surveyed 3024 consumers aged 18 and over in the UK between April 29 - May 20 2016.

Half of the interviews (1512) were conducted in the home ownership market amongst those owning their home outright or those currently buying on a mortgage. A further 1512 interviews were undertaken in the home rental market, amongst those renting from a private landlord and those renting through their Council or local Housing Association.

Interviewing was profiled so that it mirrored the UK house market tenure splits across the 12 defined Government Office Regions, such as the West Midlands, London, South West England and Wales. The data also echoes the age and gender profiles across the UK. These profiles were matched against the national population estimates of the UK compiled by the Office of National Statistics on 2014 data.

The data collected has been split across many life factors, such as the aforementioned age, gender and housing tenure, and includes household income, home type, stage of life and occupation. All data reported from the survey is reported on robust base sizes (ie the number of people in that life factor) giving a representative view of the UK population.

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