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The Multi Comfort design concept defined

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At Saint-Gobain, our mission centres around creating great places to live and improving peoples’ daily life, which led us to develop the Multi Comfort building concept. The Multi Comfort design concept is about building and renovating our homes, offices, school, hospitals and other buildings in a way that gives us improved comfort, health and wellbeing whilst protecting the environment.

A Multi Comfort building has temperatures of relative stability, neither too hot nor too cold, so we can function comfortably, whatever we’re doing. Multi Comfort buildings have the right type and right amount of light, neither too much nor too little, for specific tasks – whether it’s bedtime reading, performing surgery or completing work. Multi Comfort buildings have acoustic environments that are well balanced to block out unwanted, harmful noise and enhance those sounds that we want, and indeed need, to hear. In Multi Comfort buildings, indoor air is kept fresh and clean – while harmful pollutants, whatever the source, are reduced. The correct balance of these combined factors gives us comfort within a building that we are happy to occupy, where we function efficiently, are healthy and have a high level of wellbeing.

More information on the Multi Comfort building is available in our ‘My Comfort’ hand book. To design Multi Comfort buildings well though-through criteria should be met (Pages 38-39). Incorporating passive House accreditation, Multi Comfort buildings can also be independently verified and accredited by Warm Associates.


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