How skill gap is impacting the construction of healthy buildings?

Transcript of Adrian Speller’s, from Speller Metcalfe, presentation…

…at the opening of the King’s School in Worcester – the UK’s first Multi Comfort building.

I think it became quite quickly apparent during the construction process, when Dave Mann, our site manager, ran a construction club, when people from the school would come in to quiz him about elements of the build, and as soon as they walked in you could see their faces light up – Wow, look at this, it’s such a light space. They were genuinely excited about coming into the building. And, that for me is really going to link to the increased productivity because they want to be in the building, they want to be learning.

There’s a massive performance gap between what’s designed and how the buildings actually perform when they are handed over. Perhaps some of the design approaches used aren’t as fastidious as a Multi Comfort approach, there’s perhaps a bit of guesswork.

We’ve got a huge skills gap in the construction industry in the UK. It’s probably one of the biggest challenges we face as an industry in the next ten-twenty years, we just haven’t got the people to deliver the projects that there’s demand for.

What sells the construction industry is the buildings that we deliver. So, I think that by coming into buildings like this, that have the wow factor, and by having that bit of interaction during the construction, hopefully, we can snag a couple of those youngsters not to have this stereotypical view of construction and to realise the breadth of technical skills that we need as an industry

I think by creating more inspiring buildings we’ll have a side-effect of bringing people into the industry that we desperately need.