The benefits of Multi Comfort school buildings

Transcript of Galen Bartholomew’s, from the King's School, presentation…

…at the opening of the King’s School in Worcester – the UK’s first Multi Comfort building.

As you’ve heard the formal opening of the Bartholomew Barn took place last Saturday and the guests were very impressed with this building, which has exceeded our expectations in a number of respects.

What follows are some brief practical observations:

At the planning stage of this building, which involved a thorough consultation process, we were very clear we wanted a multi-purpose hall, which would fit well into its surroundings, which would be energy efficient and thus cheap to heat, and which would also have good acoustics suitable for music and drama, as well as sport, and have an excellent quality of natural daylight.

Last Saturday when we opened the barn formally the sun was shining brightly, but the temperature in the hall felt very comfortable and the hall felt well-ventilated throughout the event.

Furthermore, the quality of natural daylighting last Saturday, despite the very bright sun, was excellent without being excessive.

A number of people in the audience commented on how easily all the speakers could be heard. These excellent acoustics applied equally well when the school orchestra was playing and when the school choir was singing.

The teamwork in an unusual contractual situation has been excellent. Once again John Christophers of Associated Architects has clearly designed an outstanding building for the school. In addition to one that performs well, the new Multi Comfort standard, pioneered by Saint-Gobain.

The School is truly grateful to all those who have contributed to this project and we look forward to enjoying the Bartholomew Barn, and learning to use it in an increasingly efficient way, assisted by the detailed monitoring of the building’s performance that will be measured over the next two years.

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