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Stadip Silence - babies sleeping under window

Exceptional acoustic performance to minimise the effect of external noise pollution in buildings.


SGG STADIP SILENCE is a laminated glass product with an interlayer designed to minimise sound transmission through the glass, reducing the effect of external noise pollution, such as road traffic and aircraft.

Available in a variety of thicknesses, which can be combined with standard window glass or another SGG STADIP SILENCE pane, to permit designs to meet specific requirements.

SGG STADIP SILENCE is also a safety glass as standard; it can meet Secure By Design requirements, and also reduce levels of incident UV radiation, reducing fading of furnishings.

Features and benefits

  • Excellent sound reduction performance
  • Excellent clarity to maximise light transmittance
  • Can be combined with our SGG PLANITHERM and SGG COOL-LITE ranges
  • P2A rated at 6.8 mm for applications requiring Secured By Design Safety glass as standard, when 6.4 mm or above
  • Manufactured and CE marked in accordance with EN 14449, with acoustic performance of glass and glazing constructions according to EN 12758.



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