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Diamantt - curved glass building

Standard glass substrates offered by Saint-Gobain Building Glass, for maximising light transmittance and increased neutral aesthetics.


Available in a range of thicknesses, SGG PLANICLEAR is the standard float glass substrate, designed to maximise light transmittance and provide increased neutral aesthetics.

SGG DIAMANT is a low iron oxide content glass, designed to maximise the neutrality and provide better colour rendition when used as the base for enamelled, lacquered or screen printed glass.

Both SGG PLANICLEAR and SGG DIAMANT can be toughened or laminated where a safety glass is required. For improved thermal performance, and control of solar gain, both glass types can be
coated with either SGG PLANITHERM or SGG COOL-LITE products. For decorative applications, glass can be acid-etched or mirrored.

Features and benefits

  • Optimum clarity to maximise light transmittance
  • Can be processed to improve thermal and mechanical performance
  • High neutrality and rendition of back-painted colours
  • Manufactured and CE marked in accordance with EN 571-9.



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