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Miralite - plant pot reflecting in mirror

A mirror with real awareness for health and the environment.


An innovative environmentally friendly mirror, SGG MIRALITE REVOLUTION’s ecological footprint has been reduced by working on every step of its life cycle.

Evidence of ongoing innovation at Saint-Gobain, this mirror combines superior quality with unique environmental performance. Produced with miniscule concentration of natural lead and unique due to its very low emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

SGG MIRALITE REVOLUTION protects health and wellbeing whilst exceeding quality and durability. It is ideal for use in the home and in professional settings.

Features and benefits

  • 30% of water used in the manufacturing process is re-used
  • 30% of recycled glass is used to produce SGG MIRALITE REVOLUTION
  • 1 tonne of recycled glass leads to over 255 kg reduction in CO2 emissions
  • The protective paint contains no added lead leading to miniscule Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) detected in a single test
  • SGG MIRALITE REVOLUTION can be customised with a logo, sandblasted design, or engraved
  • SGG MIRALITE REVOLUTION carries the CE mark and its performance is constantly monitored to ensure British and European standards are met.



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