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Sage Glass SageGlass

Feel comfortable and cool regardless of the day and weather. Experience the benefits of natural daylight without glare. Feel its impact on your productivity in an office, your learning process in a school or university or the healing process in hospitals.


SageGlass, the world leading dynamic glass, is designed for people and provides a unique human experience. It tints or clears to regulate daylight, heat and glare - fully automatic, noise insulated and energy efficient: your façade or skylight becomes intelligent and connected to provide you comfort. Unlike traditional sunlight and glare protection systems, the transparency and the view to the outside are always maintained, natural daylight instead of dimmed rooms and a comfortable perception of the interior, instead of a hot spot feeling.

SageGlass is the result of 25 years of pioneering research in dynamic glass and is already installed in more than 700 construction projects in the whole world.

Features and benefits

  • Light transmission range : 60% to <1%
  • Solar factor g range : 0.40 to 0.03
  • U-value low as 0.6 W/m2.K
  • Tint adapts to the weather conditions and the buildings occupants to provide maximum comfort:
    Free vision to the outside and maximum quantity of daylight, protection against heat gain and glare, energy savings from 10 to 40%, UV blocking, no fading, no maintenance, automatic and/or manual control.



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