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RD Party Wall Roll

RD Party wall.jpg

Designed for use in Robust Detail separating wall constructions to reduce the passage of sound.


A glass mineral wool roll supplied in a 75mm, 100mm, 125mm and 150mm thickness. The strong, resilient and flexible rolls are ready-cut to 2x455mm to fit between standard wall tie spacing.

It is designed for use in E-WM-17, E-WM-20 and E-WM-24 Robust Detail separating wall constructions to exceed acoustic performance requirements set out in Building Regulations Approved Document E (England and Wales).

  • Meets the full requirement to deliver zero U-value for party walls as defined in Building Regulations (Approved Document L1A, Table 3)
  • Proprietary component of three Robust Detail constructions (E-WM-17, E-WM-20 and E-WM-24) and conforms to the generic full-fill mineral wool specification
  • Removes the requirement for pre-completion testing and parge coats prior to drylining
  • Manufactured from up to 86% recycled post-consumer glass
  • Suitable for use in Multi Comfort House buildings



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