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British Gypsum Gypwall Robust - hospital corridor

A high impact-resistant partition system for use where a more durable solution is required.


Providing a lightweight, cost-effective, non-loadbearing partition suitable for all types of commercial, healthcare and educational buildings.

  • High impact resistance
  • Single layer 60 minutes fire resistance to EN standards
  • Available in 70mm, 92mm and 146mm stud options
  • Accommodates services within the stud cavity
  • Achieves high levels of sound insulation with a single layer
  • Covered by the SpecSure® warranty with guaranteed lifetime performance

Refer to the White Book System Selector for performance options at

Features and benefits

  • Satisfies BS 5234 requirements to Severe Duty in a single layer
  • Sound insulation airborne: 42 - 58 (RW dB)
  • Fire resistance: 60 - 120 (mins)



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