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Ensign and EEZI-FIT

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Cast iron above ground drainage systems kitemark approved to BS EN877.


The acoustic performance of the drainage system within a building can be just as important as the walls, ceilings and windows. The sound of the flush of the toilet resonating through the pipework into bedrooms or resonating from neighbouring apartments or hotel rooms can make the ultimate difference between high-quality comfort or irritating discomfort.

Best acoustic drainage system on the market – EEZI-FIT a cast iron push-fit sanitary soil system available in 100 and 150mm diameters – ideal choice for residential flats/apartments and hotels.

Features and benefits

  • Cast iron has been proven by independent tests to be significantly quieter than all other drainage materials when using recommended acoustic brackets
  • Airborne measurement = 45 dB(A) at 2L/S : 48 dB(A) at 4L/S
  • Structure-borne measurement = 4 dB(A) at 2L/S : 9 dB(A) at 4L/S – Up to 8 dB(A) better than acoustic plastic systems
  • Excellent fire resistance – Reaction to fire rating: A1
  • Sustainability credentials – Manufactured from up to 97% recycled content – Virtually 100% recyclable indefinitely
  • BRE study demonstrated EEZI-FIT 50% quicker to install over HDPE



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