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ACTIVair technology

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Improves the indoor air quality to make indoor spaces healthier.


A new technology added to Thistle PureFinish plaster and Gyptone and Rigitone ceiling products.

It is designed specifically to decompose formaldehyde emissions into non-harmful inert compounds, thus eliminating the risk of re-emission.

  • We spend up to 90% of our time indoors. We take it for granted that the air we breathe is clean and pollutant-free. Yet impurities found in both our working and living spaces can cause health problems and a reduction in our general wellbeing. Pollutants called VOCs – volatile organic compounds – are naturally emitted by people, pets, cleaning products as well as furniture, carpets, paints and varnishes
  • Improving the indoor environment is a major consideration amongst clients and building occupants, most notably those concerned with sustainability and health and wellbeing. Good clean air can reduce health problems as well as enhancing healthy living in both our work and living spaces
  • Ready mixed – only water required to be added on site for ease of use
  • Formulated to be spray applied by render pump for faster application
  • Algae resistant

Features and benefits

  • Tests show that ACTIVair decomposes up to 70% of the formaldehyde in a controlled test environment*
  • The World Health Organisation concerns about formaldehyde (which is a common VOC) in relation to human health are well published. World Health Organisation guidelines for indoor air quality: selected pollutants 2010

* Formaldehyde reduction is based on experimental data following ISO 16000-23 Standards from 0.4m2 to 1.4m2 installed/m3 room



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