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Monitoring the performance factors of school building

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Since its handover around a year ago, Bartholomew Barn, a multi-purpose school hall near Worcester and the UK’s first Multi Comfort project, has been undergoing continuous monitoring and scheduled testing. The purpose of this is to compare its performance in-use versus the parameters set out at design stage. In turn, this will help us explore how the Multi Comfort design approach works in practice in a building of this nature, make sure it is working as effectively as possible for its users and to help us improve and refine future Multi Comfort projects.

From this testing process, we’ve got a lot of information. In fact, between March and December 2016, there were 21,872,349 readings taken from a range of sensors in the Bartholomew Barn and 12,815,813 taken in the Cobb (the old school hall that Bartholomew Barn has replaced).

This data covers information on a range of factors, from temperature taken at 18 distinct locations and 8 heights across the building, to CO2 concentration levels and meter readings for heating, water, and electricity.

To share the findings of this testing, we held an event at the Multi Comfort Visitors Centre in London on 5th September 2017. During this session, we explored the results in more detail and discussed what we had learnt since completing Bartholomew Barn.

We are applying what we’ve already learnt from building Bartholomew Barn and its first year in use as we begin more Multi Comfort projects.

In the coming months, we’ll be breaking ground on two new Multi Comfort projects that will each bring the building concept to life in different ways. They all have their own unique challenges too.

Grand Designs winner
The first project will be the winner of our competition with Grand Designs magazine. This new-build home in the Nottinghamshire countryside is being constructed by a self-builder couple and constructed using off-site timber systems to achieve Multi Comfort performance levels for thermal, acoustic, visual and indoor air comfort.

Eden Rose
Eden Rose, the winner of the Jewson Building Better Communities competition. Charity Eden Rose is redeveloping an area of natural woodland to create a palliative care centre for people living with cancer or terminal illnesses. The proposed building is a small timber-framed round-house that was originally sketched by a member of the charity suffering from cancer as his vision for the site. Sadly, this particular charity member passed away so now Eden Rose, in his memory, want to construct the building and help bring his vision to life.

As these projects get underway, we’ll be providing regular updates on the schemes and their progress. To keep up to date, make sure you’ve signed up to our monthly newsletter on the www.multicomfort.co.uk website.

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