Creating an effective teaching and learning environment

I’m Sam Hodgkins, I’m the Director for Sport at King’s Hawford. I’ve been here since September, so this is my first year.

Mainly, in terms of the activities you can teach in there (the old School building – the Cobb) it’s difficult, it’s not a big space particularly if a class is over the size of 20, like when we have a games afternoon or the weather has been bad and we have to move inside. It can be tricky trying to get everyone in there.

The other issue really is that as it’s such a small space the acoustics are quite poor, the children when they’re playing and enjoying themselves can make quite a lot of noise, so it can be difficult to be heard over them at times.

In contrast, the new building, Bartholomew Barn, it’s a lot easier, the space is bigger, the sound and the acoustic quality is much, much, better, so it’s not bouncing off the walls, so actually if you need to be heard, you can be heard, and that’s really important especially from a safety aspect because if there is a lot of noise and excitement happening and somebody has gone down and hurt themselves, you need to stop what’s happening to sort the area and make sure everyone is okay it can be tricky in the old hall, the Cobb, but in the Barn you can be heard straight away so it’s not an issue. To find out more, read our article about factors to consider when measuring acoustic comfort in schools.