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The increasing consumer demand for healthier homes

Feel Good Live Well - the UK Comfort Health and Wellbeing Report from Saint-Gobain

We’re just beginning to understand the significance that our homes and neighbourhoods have on our physical and mental wellbeing, so I welcome research like this from Saint-Gobain as it provides new insights on what consumers think about this issue

The findings make very interesting reading. The growing awareness of and interest in health and wellbeing in the public consciousness is very encouraging to see, and also that people are now prepared to pay more for their homes if they will have a positive impact. For industry, this gives a strong sign of real market demand.

The Saint-Gobain report helps aid our understanding of what people want and need from their homes, and I hope it’s the start of more research in this area. With pressure to build more homes, it’s vital that we better understand householder needs to make sure our homes are truly fit for purpose.

As our UK-GBC study has found, well designed homes and communities positively influence the lives of the people that live there. As an industry, we’re increasingly aware of this connection, and, as this report shows, the people buying and renting homes are also switching onto this idea too.

Download a copy of the Saint-Gobain Healthy Homes report here.

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