Constructing a thermally efficient school building

Transcript of video

Jim Turner, Head of King’s Hawford, A junior School of the King’s School, Worcester

I’m Jim Turner, I’m Head at King’s Hawford School, and I’m really pleased to be working with Associated Architects, Speller Metcalfe and Saint-Gobain on this really important project for the school. It will be such a huge addition to the school and one that we’re very excited to see come to fruition.

Our existing hall is really quite old now. It’s simply a converted barn. It’s not at all energy efficient. In fact, it’s very difficult to heat and at other times of the year it’s very difficult to keep at the right temperature. It’s quite uncomfortable, and some of our events have seen some of our audience leaving in a state of distress with them being rather too warm and not comfortable.

On top of that, the new hall will offer us additional space. The seating is going to offer us the opportunity to put an audience in place very comfortably and we feel it’s a huge step forward for us. We look forward to seeing that come to fruition over the next few months and next year, 2016, will be a very exciting time for us.

Having, in the new hall, a thermally efficient envelope and also the key consideration for the acoustic and lighting will give us a space that is absolutely perfect for both children, in their lessons, and audiences in our productions. Performance is a very important part of our offering at Hawford. The current hall is not a satisfactory space at all. The new hall with all these things being considered very carefully will give us everything we need in terms of both performance and comfort for the children in their lessons. Click here to read our article about the benefits of proper insulation and ventilation.


Dave Mann, Project Manager, Speller Metcalfe

My name’s Dave Mann, I work for a company called Speller Metcalfe, we’re a company that’s national; my job role with them is Project Manager, which basically means that I deal with the day-to-day construction of the builds that we do, managing the men on site and managing the way things are built.

Here today, we’re talking about Saint-Gobain products that we’re using on this job. The key components that we’ve used so far are Celotex FR5000 and LECA LWA Insufill. LECA LWA Insufill comes in two forms, loose and bagged. We’ve used both kinds on this project. It’s a new product to us, so we’ve used our process and passed that process on the sub-contractors that we use on site, namely the ground-workers. We’ve also appointed an air-tightness champion. This means we can monitor the process of how it’s done and manage the quality, which obviously gives a better building for the customer.

We’ve used 200mm of Celotex FR5000 underneath the slab. Underneath that we’ve used 175mm of LECA LWA Insufill. That means there’s a really high level of insulation underneath the slab. This is key for building s like these to maintain a better use of their energy source.