Constructing a healthy school building with Multi Comfort

Transcript of interviews from the opening 

Oliver Heath, Oliver Heath Design

My initial reaction to Bartholomew’s Barn is definitely with a sense of wonder and delight that here is a building that is clearly human centred. You walk in and it feels comfortable, it feels relaxed, clearly there’s enough air changes, but also it feels light and spacious and very human centred and with a wonderful sense of materiality. In lots of very subtle ways this building feels good.

Professor Will Swan, University of Salford

We spend a lot of time in buildings, so really appreciating how that time is spent and what impact that has on peoples wellbeing and their health is incredibly important, but what goes forward with MULTI COMFORT a little bit more is actually putting some science behind it, putting some metrics behind it and making something that we know will perform and we know why it performs.

Kerry Mashford, Chief Executive of The National Energy Foundation

Looking at the way buildings perform for people is absolutely critical and improves performance and general wellbeing and mental health both on a domestic scale and on a non-domestic commercial scale and so is vitally important all round.

Sally Hancox, Chair of The Retrofit Academy

When you walk into the building you just feel like you’re in an amazing space; it’s light, it’s airy and you can hear things when people are talking to you from the front. I just think it’s an amazing space. Click here to read more about the impact that school building designs can have on pupil's health and wellbeing.

Damian Howell, Managing Director of Indigo River

We’re the marketing agency for Saint-Gobain who have helped create the My Comfort brand and the story and the journey. So for us, it’s been very nice to see this come to life. We know that it’s been a very technical thing to bring together so to see and walk into it today has been fantastic.

Peter Caplehorn, Deputy CEO of Construction Products Association

The overall space gives you a sense of, to coin a phrase, comfort, it’s a calmness that’s created by the geometry, which I think is really clever. So, as a test bed, I think this is essential and it will be really interesting to see the results we get from it.

Mike Chaldecott, Regional Managing Director for Construction Products and General Delegate for Saint-Gobain UK & Ireland

I was very impressed. As I walked in I could just feel the acoustics were superb, the space is great and it’s almost like a whale-bone on the inside, it’s like being Jonah inside the whale. But the thing that I like most of all is the light and air and I can imagine the concerts, the fun, the laughter and the sport that’s going to go on inside here, so I think this is going to be great for the kids.